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Fateh Singh Rathore

Fateh Singh Rathore was a fierce guardian of Rajasthan’s forests for more than fifty years. But Ranthambhore was always his first love. It was he, more than any other man, who transformed a degraded forest occupied by more than a dozen villages into the most celebrated tiger reserve in India. He was a proud son of the desert, born in a village near Jodhpur, but even after his official connection with the National Park ended, he could not bear to leave the beautiful home he had built on the forest’s western edge, in the shadow of its spectacular escarpment.

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The Park

Spread over an area of 392 sq. km., the Ranthambore National park is a treat for every wildlife and nature lover. Like the Taj Mahal it is truly a destination worthy of visiting at least once in a lifetime!

Terrace Views

Here you can gaze out and listen to the birds, take in its mysteries and maybe hear the occasional roar of the great animal. Or simply read a book and take in the energy of the forest in sheer privacy and in the service of a very affectionate family.

Pool Views

A beautiful and completely private, infinity pool that overlooks the forest. When you simply want to do nothing but cool off under the hot Rajasthan Sun there is no better a place than this to indulge your senses.


There are five large, beautifully-appointed double rooms, each offering a spectacular view of the forest and the Aravali Hills. All rooms are air-conditioned and have ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold running water.
Rs 9500 incl of breakfast supplement and tax.

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